Visonicom xDSL covering VDSL(Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Loop) modem routers and ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modem routers. Though xDSL network is replacing by optical network, there’s still demand for it. Our VDSL routers and ADSL routers are manufactured to meet this mature market need.

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Visonicom VDSL+LTE Hybrid modem router is the combination of a VDSL modem router and a LTE modem router. It supports internet access by either VDSL or 4G LTE network, and voice communication by VoIP, VoLTE, CS. The VDSL LTE dual modem router OEM/ODM projects are designed and manufactured with FOTA and TR069 support, for global networking brands and telco/operators, to deploy for both VDSL internet access and 4G LTE communication, and voice phone calls…

We can customize and produce retail packing VDSL+LTE dual modem routers, or offer SKD or CKD service for all our VDSL and LTE 4G hybrid modem routers.